Clean Currents 2023

Priority Points System

Clean Currents has established a Priority Points system as a way of organizing the exhibit selection process. This system ensures a fair and transparent process for all parties involved. Exhibitors and sponsors accumulate points for the booth assignment process for the following year. This Priority Points system allows companies with the highest accumulation of points to have priority when registering for exhibit space and assists event management in the booth selection process for next year’s Clean Currents. Companies that earn the most points will have the first opportunity to sign up for exhibit space in 2023. Exhibitors will accrue points based on the below set of criteria.

NHA Membership – Current50
Clean Currents Exhibitor Advisory Committee5
Booth Size (space paid and occupied)2 per 10×10
Consecutive Years Exhibited at Clean Currents1 per year
Overall NHA Financial Support (Accumulated Sponsorship, Advertising, Member Dues)1 per $1,000
Years Missed Exhibiting-2
Booth Violation-1

Terms and Conditions

Important Notes

  • Event Management has the right to remove points for booth violations. This would include late setup or early tear-down of the booth, violation of height and space restrictions, unauthorized use of the attendee mailing list, etc.
  • When companies are acquired, merged, or consolidated, Clean Currents will use the points from the company with the greatest amount accumulated; they will not be combined. The Clean Currents exhibition manager must be notified, in writing, in order for the acquiring company to assume the higher point total.
  • Should a company sell or split into two separate companies that would each participate as an exhibitor, all prior points will be split evenly between the two exhibitors unless otherwise mutually desired as part of the divestiture agreement (providing that the new exhibitor applies for space within two years of the split. After two years, the original company keeps all points).
  • Should two or more companies request to be assigned together in the same exhibit booth, their points will be averaged together, and all companies will be assigned space based on the average amount.
  • If the total points between exhibitors are equal and the companies request a tiebreaker, it will be decided by: (A) Continuity of years exhibiting, (B) Number of years exhibiting, (C) NHA membership
  • Three consecutive absences from the event will result in the loss of all accrued priority points.
  • Clean Currents event management shall be the final arbiter of all ties or disputes related to the point system. Points awarded and accumulated will be administered by NHA Clean Currents according to the rules and guidelines as stated above. A confirmation of the point total will be sent to all companies for which points have accumulated each year in advance of the exhibit selection for the Clean Currents in the next year. The preferences stated on the contract are for guidance and are not guaranteed by Clean Currents. In the event of conflicts regarding space requests or conditions beyond its control, Clean Currents reserves the right to rearrange the floorplan and/or relocate any exhibit at any time.

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