Clean Currents 2023

Why Exhibit?

  • FUND YOUR INDUSTRY! Clean Currents is the official waterpower tradeshow and conference of the National Hydropower Association. Clean Currents is produced and promoted by the North American waterpower industry to benefit all of our industry. By exhibiting, you will also support NHA’s advocacy, education, and membership services. Join us!
  • ACCESS the leading experts in waterpower.
  • EXPAND your network through workshops, discussions, and social events that make it easy to interact meaningfully with attendees.
  • GAIN new insights at the comprehensive educational program driven by industry thought leaders.
  • MARKET your organization and raise brand exposure while enhancing your organization’s reputation.
  • MEET with clients–this is the event where all of your clients will be in one place.
  • REACH NEW AUDIENCES AND GATHER LEADS for your products and services at the event.
  • RECRUIT talent from the entire industry.
  • SHOW SUPPORT of current customers who may be speaking, presenting a poster, or hosting a workshop.
  • SHOWCASE YOUR PRODUCTS/SERVICES through hands-on demonstrations and in-depth discussions.

What Makes Clean Currents Different

  • Your event investments stay in the industry. Clean Currents will enhance your ROI—your company will benefit from business development opportunities (including those spurred by the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act), and your investment will fund NHA’s efforts to support and advance the industry.
  • We’re putting all the activity in one location. To facilitate maximum interaction among exhibitors and owners/operators, Clean Currents 2023 will once again feature the popular “CC Central” layout where attendees will find the bulk of the event’s activity. The education sessions will surround the exhibits to encourage booth visits. The Innovation Power House pavilion at the center of the entire CC Central space will draw traffic throughout the floor. Additionally, exhibitors will have a unique opportunity for meaningful exchanges with owner/operators to discuss their current and upcoming investment plans and service and product needs. CC Central makes doing business, networking, and learning extremely convenient and efficient!
  • The Clean Currents 2023 experience is for everyone. Exhibitors will have access to the full conference, including the education program, networking lunches, breaks, reception, and the official networking social for all attendees.
  • Clean Currents is driven by exhibitor input. Every year, NHA forms an Exhibitor Advisory Committee (EAC). Committee participants have played a large role in getting us to this point and shaping our approach to both the tradeshow and conference. The Clean Currents experience is based upon the wants and needs of exhibitors, including the hours that CC Central (the one large space for exhibits and content) will be open, the programming schedule, and even how we approach off-site events. The EAC is once again up and running for Clean Currents 2023.

Meet with the Right People

2021 (Atlanta, Georgia)

  • 781 attendees from US, Canada + Germany
  • 22% asset owners

2022 (Sacramento, California)

  • 1607 attendees from 18 countries
  • 35% asset owners


  • 87% rebook rate
  • 63% net promoter score*

*An event’s net promoter score, or an NPS, reflects the level of satisfaction by customers. An NPS of 50 or more is considered an exceptionally outstanding event.

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