Clean Currents 2023

The “NextGen” Initiative at Clean Currents

Did you know? Close to one-fifth of the energy workforce is 55 year old or older and are eligible to retire in the next decade, per the U.S. Energy & Employment Jobs Report.

The waterpower community desperately needs to recruit a wide array of bright and talented minds to form the next generation of workers.

Exposing students to opportunities in the waterpower industry and creating a clear path for them to consider joining the waterpower workforce is a critical mission.

Visit this page in the future for updates on what NEED and Hydropower Foundation are up to in Cincinnati!

    What is NEED?

    The NEED Project designs and delivers teacher-tested educational materials, evaluation techniques and tools, recognition of student achievement, and professional development for educators. NEED materials and training programs provide comprehensive, objective information about the scientific concepts of energy and the sources of energy – their use and their impact on the environment, the economy and society.

    Connecting University and Trade School Students with Industry

    A “Hiring for Hydro” program at Clean Currents on Wednesday, October 19, will be managed by the Hydropower Foundation.

    The purpose of the program is to bring soon-to-be-graduating students at universities and/or technical trade schools in the Sacramento area to Clean Currents on Wednesday, October 19, to:

    • Experience the Opening Plenary Session of Clean Currents
    • Participate in an educational workshop about careers in waterpower
    • Explore CC Central to meet companies, interact with attendees, attend sessions, and learn about potential job possibilities
    • Enjoy the Clean Currents Official Networking Social: Celebrate Waterpower! At the SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity

    Know of universities or technical trade schools in the Sacramento area whose students would benefit from participating in this program. Email: or click here.

    The Hydro Foundation was critical in my journey that led to me falling in love with the Hydropower industry. Thanks to the Hydro Foundation, I was able to produce graduate research that led to my Master’s Degree, gain valuable industry connections that still pay dividends 7 years later, and has given me a valuable experience on my resume that is respected highly by industry leaders. The best decision I’ve made in my career was at the beginning when I decided to get involved with the Hydro Foundation.

    Elliott Jackson

    Electrical Engineer, Hydroelectric Design Center , U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    What is the Hydropower Foundation?

    The Hydropower Foundation is dedicated to ensuring hydropower’s sustainable contribution to a clean energy future through research and development of hydropower as a clean and beneficial renewable resource. Funded by contracts, grants, events, industry sponsorships, and memberships, the Foundation actively engages and serves the clean energy industry by supporting work in education, research, and workforce development.

    Many of the Foundation’s projects and programs include the participation of post-secondary educators and student researchers. The Foundation strives to maintain strong connections with academia at the university, community college, and trades level in various disciplines.

    Hydropower is all about community. The hydropower industry is tight-knit and actively works together on hydropower’s communal benefits and challenges. Being a part of Clean Currents helped introduce me to the hydropower community and established connections that have been indispensable in my job at the Department of Energy.

    Colin Sasthav

    Clean Currents 2021 Hydro Think Tank Participant & University Student, now Hydropower Engineer at U.S. Department of Energy

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